Task 11 - 體壇健將 Gymnastic




  • 只能以大腿及胳膊作支撐點,不能以任何關節部位、上臂、前臂、背部、腰部及頭部作支撐點


  • 其餘組員以手臂向上伸直的姿態於模仿者四周作保護,並集中保護模仿者的頭部、頸部、背部及腰部


  • 模仿者上落時不能跳,其餘組員能以拳頭作扶助支撐

Two photos of gymnasts are given to the team. The team has to assign different members to imitate the postures of the gymnasts in the photos. The other members have to help the assigned members to perform at least 1 meter above the ground and hold the action for 5 seconds. 


Safety Instruction:


  • ONLY thighs and shoulders can be served as holds. Joints, upper arm, forearm, back, waist and head CANNOT be served as the hold


  • The rest of the members can hold their arm up straight and mainly protect the imitators’ head, neck, back and waist


  • Imitators CANNOT jump when going up and down while rest of the members can help supporting with their fists