Task 12 - 隔空取物 Distant Picking



所有組員必須於指定場區外,期間身體任何部份均不可觸及活動場區。在無其他工具協助下,組員要合力拿起於場區內擺放的物件 (每次只可凌空拿起一件物件)。如任何組員身體觸及活動場區必須重新開始。



  • 牽手時只能緊握雙方手腕,不能緊扣對方手指,同時應除下手錶及介子等飾物

  • 其餘組員於左右兩旁及後方集中保護下放之組員

  • 導師應集中保護下放之組員的腰部以免其墮地受傷


All members must stay outside of the “Hot Zone”. No body part of any team member is allowed to touch the ground of the “Hot Zone”. The Challenge is completed when the team picked up all objects inside the “Hot Zone” (one object at a time) without the assistance of any tools. The team has to start over again if any part of any team member’s body touches the floor of the “Hot Zone”.


Safety Instruction:

  • Members can ONLY hold others’ wrists and CANNOT hold in figure cross. All watches and rings should be removed before holding hand

  • Rest of the members should stay at the surrounding to protect the one who picks up object

  • Instructors should protect the waist of the one who picks up object