Task 20 - 頂銅鑼 Hit the Bell






  • 只能以大腿及胳膊作支撐點,不能以任何關節部位、上臂、前臂、背部、腰部及頭部作支撐點

  • 其餘組員以手臂向上伸直的姿態於模仿者四周作保護,並集中保護組員的頭部、頸部、背部及腰部

  • 組員上落時不能跳,其餘組員能以拳頭作扶助支撐

Every member must hit a hanging bell with their forehead. The first person sounds it once; the second sounds it twice and so on. The challenge is completed when all members successfully hit the bell.


Safety Instruction:

  • ONLY thighs and shoulders can be served as holds. Joints, upper arm, forearm, back, waist and head CANNOT be served as the hold

  • The rest of the members can hold their arm up straight and mainly protect the members’ head, neck, back and waist

  • Members CANNOT jump when going up and down while rest of the members can help supporting with their fists