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Develop key skills by playing PRO.PLAY®

Play dynamics radically transform how we behave individually and in groups. When playing, people dedicate more and better resources (time, energy, attention) to solve their challenges. In addition to having a series of emotional benefits, the game allows you to work on complex situations in a simple way. By “observing” the situation in the third person, participants discover ideas, alternatives and solutions in a much easier way than when they are immersed in them.

Types of models in PRO.PLAY®

Another component of the Pro.Plays methodology is the use of models for its application. A model is a representation of reality that allows you to operate with that reality and create alternative scenarios to the existing reality to make better decisions.

Pillars of Pro.Play®

Step 1 :

Start by playing 

  •  The power of game dynamics in environments of all kinds.

  • Understanding the contexts in which to apply each type of modeling, according to its complexity, tools and necessary techniques is key to achieving the results we seek.

Step 2 : 


  • Working with “Living models” that is: interactive scenarios that change constantly.

  • Open new perspectives.

  • Make a careful observation and deliberate what happens during the game.

Step 3 :

Extract Insights

  • Explore hypotheses and alternatives to distill learnings that will head us towards the transformation of situations, generating ideas and solving problems.

  • The findings will allow us to multiply the learnings from each models.

Step 4 :

Make decisions

  •  The methodology allows us to convert the learning into concrete actions that we can apply individually and as a team to achieve the objectives we set ourselves.

Any questions or thoughts?

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