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'Unleash the Power in You' Workshop

In our life, we have tried many times to improve our weakness. Is this the right thing to do? Of course. But have you ever questioned if there is a better way to do it?How about using your strengths to manage your weakness?


“Unleash The Power In You”  is a workshop that aims to help participants recognise their true inner powers and learn how to consistently use it to do what they do best, and do what they love everyday successfully.


這樣做其實是否正確呢?答案當然是正確的。但這樣做並不是一個 最佳 的做法呢。大家有否想過可以善用你的優勢去管理自己的弱點,令事情達到事半功倍的效果。


Attend our interactive virtual workshop and you will experience the following: 


  1. Discover what your true unique talents are.

  2. Change your perspectives and better communicate with your family, friends and co-Workers.

  3. Learn how to harness your power to achieve success at work and everywhere else.

  4. Global exchange of interaction and learning with participants from Asia (mainly from Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan)

  5. Top 5 CliftonStrengths assessment code (formerly known as StrengthsFinder)


  1. 發掘自己獨一無二的天賦

  2. 改變你以往的想法,與家人、朋友、同事有更好的溝通

  3. 學習如何善用你的優勢,令做事情更得心應手

  4. 能夠認識來自香港、新加坡及台灣朋友,相互交流

  5. 獲得 CliftonStrengths 評估,了解自己 5 種獨有天賦



時間:9am - 12:30nn



收費:每位 $100 美元


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