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LSP Culture Alignment: Re-shaping Culture

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Culture Alignment: Re-shaping Culture

By engaging with LEGO® bricks, participants shift their focus from their day-to-day work to the values, mission, culture concepts relevant to their roles within the company ororganization. Through the power of empathy, they recognize how certain departments may have been perceived  less significant  and hence fail to establish  a strong connection or commitment to the company or organization.

Utilizing  LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY’s  shared model building and system building techniques, participants gain a comprehensive and collective understanding  of the current strengths, weaknesses, and the desired client or provider relationship model.

Once the alignment was completed, improvements and initiatives were proposed based on what was learned in the LEGO® experience. Most importantly, the team members understood the importance of working as a team and how to put a new team-based mindset into practice.

The key learning points of the workshop were mutual knowledge, empathy, and understanding that everyone’s contribution is essential for continuous improvement. In addition to generating improvement initiatives for the service area, the group also developed improvement initiatives for the client areas. Participants left the workshop with concrete actions to implement the abstract ideas that were shared during the session



  • Culture alignment or culture change within the organization

  • Review and refine team’s mission, vision, and values

Target Participants

  • Management responsible for cultivating the company/ organization’s culture

  • Companies undergoing restructuring or cultural transformation

Business Benefits


Facilitate collaborative work

and active participation

from all participants


Strengthen emotional connections

within a safe environment,

fostering engagment and collaboration.

3 2.png

Visualize the entire picture

through 3D models,

improving understanding

2 2.png

Transform abstract ideas

or concepts into tangible

and concrete results

Client Reference


PURE Fitness

Immerse yourself in the world of LSP Culture Alignment and gain valuable insights.

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