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Talent wins games, but Teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

- Michael Jordan 

Team Development


Everyone knows the importance of team building.  A cohesive team of employees is imperative to your business success.  To create a solid and successful culture in your team, we believe that there is a need to put significant effort in team building. 



Team-building activities play an important role in gaining trust, strengthening communication and easing conflicts among employees.   Experiential team building activities are one of the most effective ways to facilitate group focus, effectiveness, and improve goal achievement.


Our Understanding

Team Building – Meeting the Teams’ Needs

Generic team building consists of projected improvements to communication, goal setting, motivation, empathy, independence and winning spirit.  However, such improvements may not match the actual hindrances faced by each team.  The RIGHT solutions require the RIGHT diagnosis.  At SENSE, we emphasize understanding your teams’ needs before applying any program.  Further, with our Talent Management approach and data base support, we can project the best tools for the event and even align the outcomes with business results in both the short term and long term. 


Our Characteristics


SENSE Team Building Programs emphasize:

1. Understanding the Team: Top Down Or Bottom Up?

Both. By collecting information form the frontline all the way up to management, we get a full picture of the desired outcomes from a business perspective (not just HR). Our resolution of focus goes down to the level of individual actions, feelings and responsibility and not based on vague notions of, “team”. With this approach, we are not only building a team, but also engineering the dynamics and ecosystem of the team.

2. Extending the Training Effect: Improvement Maintenance

Team building doesn’t have to be a one-off event as the needs of the team are more diverse than the teambuilding events. With SENSE, annual packages are available to really support your organization’s teams in the long term. With this, continuous assessment and follow up is employed to sustain the benefits for the teams in question. These programs are flexible and varied in nature in order to ensure maximum fit with the needs of your team. 

3. Assessing Program Effectiveness

Data is a big part of our philosophy.  It is difficult to manage what you can’t measure.  As such, we strive to produce evidence-based programs to our clients.  Not just in terms of the program, but also in the action plans set up by the teams themselves during the team building events.  Value for money for our clients is integral to our programs’ standards of quality.

4. Innovation as a Cornerstone of Program Effectiveness

Traditional team building games such as High wall and blindfold birthday line do have their place, but sometimes it would be embarrassing to suggest such activities to clients as tools for breakthrough. The training itself must demonstrate breakthroughs in order for participants to buy-in!  As such, SENSE has an in-house REDTEAM that focuses on training program development:






Aid-production &



5. Personalized learning in a rote-free zone

One core process of team building is to have the participants generate their own lessons from their experience.  The skill of the trainer in reviewing and debriefing is paramount to the success of this process.  Without this, the whole event is just a succession of quasi-fun games.  Trainers at SENSE would ensure a sound theoretical grasp of such group dynamics with practical hours under their belt.   

6. Beyond Limits of Localization

SENSE provides overseas programs. This is not as simple as just another cultural environment for a sense of novelty, we can provide ENVIRONMENTAL diversity:


Hike on snow-capped mountains, traverse glaciers, and dive under the sea! SENSE has an APAC network of professional instructors who will safeguard staff welfare and provide attractive adventures at a reasonable cost. Give your team building events the raw edge of conquering nature.


Make an enquiry with our service department to understand more about our team building packages.  Explore your issues with our trainers to get an opinion of your teams’ needs.


Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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