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LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY®  Communication and Shared Model Building

Our remarkable
progress and growth



  • Kinetic Enhancement Network (KEEN), the predecessor of SENSE Training House, was founded by a group of Social Workers, specializing in transformative team building and developmental programs for schools and NGOs.


  • KEEN conducted staff retreat and training program on Positive Thinking for social welfare staff of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, New Territories District.

  • Transformed KEEN into SENSE Training House, streamlining its operational strategy to focus on two areas:
    Corporate Training and Social Responsibility Work for educational institutions and NGOs.



  • Committed to developing evidence-based training programs that drive results.


  • Delivered 4 comprehensive training programs to different sections of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
    (HSBC) staff.

  • January: Trainers of Investment and Compliance Team of Wealth Management (Program objective: Breakthrough).

  • May: Customer Relationship Management (Program objectives: Problem Solving and Team Building)

  • June: Working-parents of Investment and Compliance Team of Wealth Management (Program objectives: Environmental

        Protection and Parent-child Relationship).

  • August to December: Successfully conducted 14 highly-rated training sessions for approximately 1,000 HSBC Software Delivery staff  (Program objectives:   Customer Centricity, Collaboration, Re-engineering, and Global Acumen)


  • Expanded services to Macau, providing an Enneagram Training Workshop to Gabinete Coordenador Dos Servicos
    Sociais Sheng Kung Hui Macau (聖公會氹仔青少年及家庭綜合服務中心)

  • Conducted training programs for HK Cyberport and Poly twice to over 300 Hong Kong and Mainland young entrepreneurs in the Information Technology industry.



  • Served over 10,000 individuals through tailored training programs.

  • Successfully delivered training programs to renowned multinational companies such as UPS, Fond light, Milton, and HSBC, empowering their employees and helping them achieve their goals.



  • Organized an elective module on Corporate Training for students at HKU, fostering their professional development.

  • Launched an "Shell IT program" referencing the popular

  • "Running Man" concept, leveraging social media to enhance participant engagement.

  • Established our first overseas affiliate in Korea, making our expansion into the global market.


  • Pioneered the use of LEGO@SERIOUS PLAY® as training elements, and had 6 certified facilitators applying
    LEGO@SERIOUS PLAY into our training programs.


  • Established ourselves as the leading LEGO@SERIOUS PLAY® training company, with unparalleled expertise and the largest market share.


  • Continuously expanding our business footprint in Asia, such as Taiwan and Singapore, to meet growing demand.

  • Launched the groundbreaking ‘BRICKS Learning Week – Using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology’ at Hong Kong PolyU, for sharing experience of use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® in education, training and psychotherapy.


  • Worked with UNESCO for ‘Build for Peace’ Workshop with over 800 participants, promoting 17 sustainable development goals to children and public. 


  • Was granted the certification of United Nation Global Impact, for supporting the 17 sustainable development goals to the community.

2020 & 2021

  • Developed and delivered a series of online training programs during the COVID.

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