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【酒店學習「樂高認真玩」 】活動
15 Mar 2022



由主辦機構 Achievement Foundation 發起,連同合作夥伴 LEGO 、Kerry Hotel HK、 KlookSENSE TRAINING HOUSE‧個人輔導|團隊建立|企業培訓

舉辦免費線上工作坊 酒店學習「樂高認真玩」 ,讓小朋友即使被隔離在酒店足不出房,



活動讓小朋友輕鬆學習,讓家長享受親子時光,一齊向苦悶SAY NO!

LIVE Online Outdoor Program (LOOP)

6 May 2020

疫情期間,同學們停課未能外出,留在家中除了看電視、做功課外,還有甚麼活動可以打發時間?充滿創意的SENSE 團隊就提供了大家一個有趣的好辦法:LIVE Online Outdoor Program (LOOP) ,將戶外(OUTDOOR)及網上(ONLINE)合而為一 ,把戶外元素引進室內,讓同學們既可安坐家中同時亦可置身郊外學習,好玩又有趣。


我們利用線上平台 (Webex 或 ZOOM),讓學生在家中與同學組成網上小隊,跟身在戶外的導師聯繫,共同策劃、分析,以完成不同的任務為目標。



1. 安全 - 不受疫情或其他環境因素影響,同學亦能安在家中享受戶外活動樂趣(作為戶外活動後備方案亦可行)

2. 互動 - 導師跟同學線上互動,共同解難,以完成任務為目標

3. 多元 - 活動完美融合了線上、線下,同學需配合真實環境需要,於網上搜尋答案

4. 實時 - 所有同學、導師,甚至家長都可以即時參與

5. 合作性  - 同學之間需要討論,以合作方法完成(例如投票、分工網上找答案去解難)

6. 有挑戰性 - 在線實時實境任務,刺激有趣

樂高®認真玩® 為本 (LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology) 課程 首場網上體驗工作坊,速遞 LEGO®,一齊線上體驗 

28 April 2020

SENSE 將推出一系列以樂高®認真玩® 為本 (LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology) 的課程,期待你報名參與。

Experiential Workshop in the use of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology (LSP 體驗工作坊)


(第一場) 5月15日 11:00 – 13:00

(第二場) 5月22日 14:00 – 16:00

地點:網上課程 (平台:Webex)



收費:$580港幣  (8/5前報名:$530)









-送一包LEGO®WINDOW EXPLORATION BAG (# 2000409),於上課前送到,實時與導師一齊玩


SENSE Training House 與 Economic Digest 經濟一週訪問 🙌🏻🙌🏻

30th Sep 2019

好多謝 ED 經濟一週既訪問讓我地藉住呢個機會同記者朋友回顧左 SENSE 係過去十年既活動,我地由最初既行山潛水、歷奇活動,發展到今日既 LEGO SERIOUS PLAY,其實我地同所有既參加者一樣,都係 KEEP LEARNING KEEP GROWING,一齊繼續努力!!



BRICKS Learning Week 2018

15-20 Dec 2018

BRICKS Learning Week is back!


Ever since our last event, BRICKS Learning Week using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology, we have received lots of positive feedback and requests for next series. We are so excited and delighted to announce that BRICKS Learning Week is back with more updates and practical elements.


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) is well-received by different professionals such as Clinical Psychologist, Counsellors, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Teachers, etc. They are very impressed by LSP’s flexibility and applicability in conducting programmes to facilitate communication, inspire new ideas, strengthen team-building and solve problems. Many of them have experienced the power of 100% participation and Thinking by Doing with LEGO® bricks.


You are cordially invited to join our seminars and workshop in the

BRICKS Learning Week 2018.


Details are as follows:

Period: 15 – 20 December 2018

Venue: R1108-9, 11/F, Core R, PolyU

Target participants: Social worker, Counsellor, Training or Education Professionals


Advanced LSP Sharing Workshop (For Certified LSP Facilitator ONLY) 

15th Dec 2018 (SAT) 5pm - 6:15pm

Our speaker has joined the advanced LSP workshop in Denmark in Oct, and will share his experience of developing the advanced LSP facilitation skills in this sharing workshop. Welcome the registered LSP facilitator to join and share. 


15th Dec 2018 (SAT) 6:45pm - 8pm

STRATEGIC PLANNING with LSP materials & methodology

17th Dec 2018 (MON) 5pm - 6:15pm

Two famous techniques used in LSP are sculpture making and landscape building. In this session, we are going to demonstrate these two techniques and let you experience the power of 100% participation and involvement in strategic planning.


18th Dec 2018 (TUE) 5pm - 6:15pm

Adopting LSP methodology, we have designed and developed a series of new games and activities for students with special education needs (SEN) such as students with Autism/ ADHD. In this session, our speaker will share her experience of conducting workshops for SEN students with LSP.

INNOVATION with LSP materials & methodology

18th Dec 2018 (TUE) 6:45pm - 8pm

LSP is well known for unlocking potentials and unleashing creativity with our heads and hands. The LEGO® bricks create a playful mindset and inspire you to generate new ideas. In face, new ideas just come easily and naturally when you let your hands do the thinking. In this workshop, you will understand how LSP works and you can be innovative too.

TEAM COMMUNICATION with LSP materials & methodology

18th Dec 2018 (TUE) 8:30pm - 9:45pm

Building LEGO® bricks can build your team too. We have designed series of teams building activities with LSP which are effective in enhancing team communication and strengthening team bonding. In this session, we will show you some of our signature team building activities and tips of conducting these activities.


19th Dec 2018 (WED) 5pm - 6:15pm

LEGO® bricks are common in kids’ toy collection. However, they are more than just a kid’s toy. In our workshop, you will be amazed by how LEGO® bricks can facilitate children to express their emotions and parent-child communication.

COUNSELLING with LSP materials & methodology

19th Dec 2018 (WED) 6:45pm - 8pm

LSP is therapeutic. It is a metaphorical language which allows clients to think from different perspective and re-construct their story. Many play therapists include LEGO® bricks in their play rooms. In this introductory session, you will learn what LSP is and experience the way of sharing your story through LSP.

DESIGN THINKING with LSP materials & methodology

20th Dec 2018 (THUR) 5pm - 6:15pm

Design Thinking is a design methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solve problems. In the past years, we put a lot of effort in integrating Design Thinking and LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® together. A number of cross-nation companies also found such approach useful to tackle complex problem and inspire new ideas. In this session, you will have a chance to undergo this integrated approach.

世界盃⚽ 與 團隊管理🏆🏆

6 July 2018









1/ LANDSCAPE  :: 提升閱讀形勢能力

要管理好團隊,令上下一心,齊上齊落,就要全面了解團隊內部及外圍環境的形勢。LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® 核心活動LSP LANDSCAPE ,將團隊價值、優勢、危機,一一呈現眼前。砌出來的公司版圖可從多角度觀察團隊狀況,更可激發討論,對策劃及管理非常有效。


2/ MOVIE MAKER  :: 建立誇部門默契

前中後的不同崗位,需要有良好的默契。MOVIE MAKER活動設計針對跨部門合作;Stop Motion Video 好玩之餘,各小隊要整作自己的短片,亦要配合其他隊友的內容及風格,去連結成一個整體。

SENSE OPENING !! 各位兄弟姊妹🤜🏻🤛🏻 希望到時見到你啦!! 🙌🏻

13 April 2018

各位SENSE尊貴既客戶🤴🏻、親愛既導師👩🏻‍🏫、我們既友好👫、粉絲😍,及兄弟姊妹🤜🏻🤛🏻, 為左搵個原因見下你哋,同埋熱烈慶祝我地Office由新蒲崗搬左去新蒲崗第二條街🏚➡🏠,而家誠意地邀請各位黎踩旺下我地個場💃🕺🏻,敍下舊或者傾下新野玩!! 🤡👨🏻‍🌾👨🏼‍🎨💡



希望到時見到你啦!! 🙌🏻


BRICKS Learning Week - Using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology

9 - 12 Dec 2017

BRICKS Learning Week

Using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology

(9-12 DEC 2017)


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) is a facilitated thinking, communication and problem-solving technique for organisations, teams and individuals. It creates 100% meetings through harnessing the magnetic attention of LEGO® bricks.


The Groundbreaking 4-day program ‘BRICKS Learning Week – Using Using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology’ will be launched from 9 Dec to 12 Dec.  Through all kinds of experiential workshops and seminars, participants would gain insights in using LSP in different professions. We invite you to dive in deeper to explore this fascinating methodology.


Venue: Z505, Block Z, PolyU    

Target audience:  social worker, counsellor, training or education professionals


Team Building X BRICKS

With LEGO® models as metaphors, team members are free to share their stories with others which enhance mutual understandings. Through different team building exercises with LSP, which team building is strengthened.

Career Builder x BRICKS

Date:10/12/2017  Time:10am -12nn
Introduce the basic concept of LSP, how to become a professional LSP facilitator and the way to apply it in your professions.


Storytelling by using BRICKS

Date:10/12/2017   Time:2pm-4pm

Storytelling with LEGO® will bring the participants’ imagination to life. Participants will use LEGO® to learn about storytelling in a hands-on and expressive way. They can ‘build’ their imaginary stories.


Only BRICKS in Meetings

Date:11/12/2017   Time:2pm-4pm
LEGO® bricks are replacing paper and pens in meetings. Through LSP, participants play with purpose and think with hands. They can apply their imagination and try-out every possible solution without stress.


BRICKS X Special Education Needs

Date:11/12/2017   Time:7pm-9pm

With LSP methodology, a series of games and activities with clear goal are designed for students with special education needs (SEN), which aims to improving their social skills, temper control and attention span.



Date: 12/12/2017     Time:2pm-4pm
The core process of LSP is thinking, building, communication and problem solving. Thoughts and strategies could be built by LEGO® bricks and turned imaginations into visualized models. ‘Thinking by doing’ also taps into your hidden potentials and inspires new ideas.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Experiential Workshop

February 23, 2017

HKU Social Work Alumni Association will held the workshop of


“LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Experiential Workshop”




Mr. Kenneth Yu Sau Yin,

BSW Graduate of HKU Social Work Dept

SENSE Training House


New Training Tool for :


  • Innovation

  • Team Development

  • Communication

  • Change Management

  • Strategic Planning


Workshop Details :


Date: 23 Feb 2017 (Thursday)

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

Venue: CPD 2.45, Centennial Campus. HKU

Quota : 40


Fee: Free for HKU Social work students and alumni only


March 22, 2016

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP)是為組織、團隊和個人提供便利的思考、溝通和解決問題的方法。LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®可為青少年提供創意性思考的空間,發掘青少年的內在思維,透過LEGO®積木,把有關概念及創意思維形象化,同時配合輔導員的引領,為自己建立更完善的解決問題方案,讓青少年更清晰地理解自己的思維。LSP亦可配合生涯規劃工作,協助青少年於表達及整合時更清晰地理解每個構思及概念。



余修賢先生 現為尚志人才培訓有限公司(SENSE Training House)創辦人及企業培訓總監







100% Planning with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® - Efficient Communication & Understanding using 3D Visualization



LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® requires 100% participation and sharing. Through making different sculptures and landscapes, participants will exchange their viewpoints and share the meanings behind the structures. These are excellent occasions to demonstrate and sharpen listening skills and leadership.


Participants have to pay attention to every detail and meaning to the landscape. They also have to share among themselves and step into others shoes to understand the meaning behind other's messages. LEGO® Serious Play also promotes “Discussing LEGO® with LEGO®”, which means pointing the problem or discussing the model instead of pointing fingers and diverting the question to the one who made it.


Leadership can be sharpened through the interactions and reflections by our facilitators. It can also be acquired through the motivational exercises and group problem solving activities with LEGO®.team growth and enhances communication.




  • Nurturing leaders with visions and capacity to lead the corporate in a better way.

  • Learn the methods and qualities to excel in the business.

  • Deal with tough and complex issues in a constructive atmosphere

  • Speak their true feelings without intimidating anyone or being intimidated

  • Create a level playing field for discussion


Outcome of using LSP in training includes but are not limited to:


1. 100% Active Participation

2. Visualized Complex Messages

3. Building Knowledge with Fun

4. Leading to Think Out of Box

5. Facilitation of Breaking Habitual Thinking Patterns

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