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BEST PROGRAM suggestions for 2020

Wellness, Well-being and Mental Health

Wellness Team Building Activities

Are you prioritizing your holistic well-being in today's fast-paced world? How can you promote physical, mental, and emotional health in your life? Have you considered the impact of well-being training programs on your overall well-being and organizational success? Our well-being training programs are designed to promote holistic wellness by addressing physical, mental, and emotional health. Our comprehensive programs in various forms, including workshops, seminars, coaching sessions, and online courses, and cover a wide range of topics such as stress management, mindfulness, resilience, and emotional intelligence.


Our well-being training programs can have significant benefits for individuals and organizations. Research has shown that participating in well-being programs can lead to improved physical health, reduced stress levels, and enhanced mental well-being. Additionally, individuals who actively participate in well-being training programs often experience increased productivity, job satisfaction, and overall happiness.


  • Stress management

  • Physical and mental wellness

  • Stay open-minded and maintain positive mindset

  • Regain energy and release potential

Wellness Team Building Activities


Fitness & Mental Wellbeing Day
Number of participants: 150

Wellness Team Building Activities

A full day program focuses on promoting holistic wellbeing.  Over 150 colleagues experienced a collection of sports and mindfulness activities including Yoga, Rugby and Meditation.  Health professionals conducted interactive talk on health topics.  This program design is suitable for team-building, retreat as well as culture formation.


Mental Wellness Fun Fair
Number of participants: 300

Wellness Team Building Activities

Interactive game booths were set up in workplace.  Elements such as positive psychology, mutual support and mental health were promoted.  Colleagues learned how to take care of themselves and each other, via a lot of fun and insightful activities.

Foreword and Importance

Wellness programs have become a common workplace benefit, and employers remain optimistic about the impact of such programs.


Lifestyle management programs as part of a workplace wellness service can reduce practical costs such as employee medical insurance, employee death, absenteeism and other risk factors that can cost sick leave or otherwise impact productivity. 


The Importance of Work Life Balance

Overly devoted employees will suffer burn out, while unengaged employees underperform and destroy morale. The optimal balance between home and work is necessary for any sustainable and high functioning workforce.  Surprisingly, this does not have to be an intangible skill. With some training, anybody can achieve this elusive balance.


Absenteeism, productivity, and retention, are of critical importance to employers as they directly affect business performance.  A workplace wellness program not only helps to sustain the healthy development of a high-performance team, but also strategically attracts and retains valued employees.  


Our Understanding


Our Service Regarding Wellness:

SENSE Wellbeing Service over working stress, leisure, family, Spiritual and health

Working Stress

The modern working environment is littered with examples of burn out, overload, stress and subsequent mental health issues evidenced by extended medical leave or decreased productivity. Through stress management, mental health, and time management, the early prevention of stress issues can have real results in the minimization of medical and productivity costs of an overworked staff.



Leisure is a great way to bond staff and inoculate against stress at the same time. It is great for internal branding and creates a work environment that fosters positivity. SENSE is able to maximize such experiences so that in addition to the fun factor, the software of team development can also be engineered to provide concrete ROI on such events that are usually written off.



One of the primary conflicts for employees’ time is between work and family. Empowering employees to maximize the quality of time they spend as a parent naturally helps reinforce their ability to bring complete focus to work. Whereas unsupported parents soon become unfocused and irritable as issues at home keep intruding into their thought space at work. 



Rarely do those engaged in the working sphere of life get time to think about long-long term issues such as values, happiness, fulfillment and contribution. Usually, the demands of work and family are already too much. However, the ignorance or negligence of a person’s inner values and life-purpose can decrease the capacity of individuals to exhibit resilience or confidence. With these programs, members of staff are supported to engage in their inner life to become more established as human beings and thus become vessels of change and leadership. 



A very obvious, but frequently neglected aspect of lifestyle is the health that we take for granted until major shifts remind us of its intangible and very tangible importance in terms of medical bills or lost capacity. A well-managed life style prevents financial troubles and maintains capacity. A healthy workforce is a healthy company. 


*Recreation Programs:

Sometimes, people just need to have a break to re-energize. Whether it is after an intensely busy season or during in-between meeting sessions, recreation draws out the best in people to  move forward and remain engaged.

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