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Talent is commonly developed at the expense of character.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

Talent Management


Human capital is now the most important means of establishing a company’s competitive edge.  Many companies, especially for the more aggressive ones, are in competition to harness and develop the best human capital.  Whoever wins in human capital will be much more likely to win in business.  The competition occurs at every stage, from recruiting, orientation, training, managing and retaining.  Every stage counts.  Thus, companies seriously need a strategic and all-round plan to bring talented people together and develop their competence and performance.  A holistic Talent Management approach is the key to success.


​Importance of Talent Management

Practical results show that a well-planned talent management strategy directly benefits innovation, productivity, customer-satisfaction, revenue-generation, cost-minimization and market value. Talent Management is a new and useful concept in human management.  Therefore, a lot of companies are now developing their system and linking up business partners in establishing and executing their talent management system… and SENSE is here to help.


Our Understanding

As a professional and forward looking training company, SENSE believes that Training nowadays is no longer a “stand alone” component, but a customized intervention tool base on in-depth and reflective information, especially about people performance.  Our Talent Management framework combines both training programs and data analyses, which assist companies to improve their management of human capital.


By nurturing and retaining talented people, they will naturally walk the extra mile. With the right inspiration and engagement, employees naturally want to achieve organizational challenges that they may not necessarily be recognized for.  As such, with employees fully personalizing the performance of the organization, success will only seem natural. 


Our Framework

SENSE’s Talent Management Framework:

Developing a long-term human capital advantage relies on the ability to address three fundamental Talent Management needs – strategic organizational planning, leadership talent development, and performance management.


SENSE designs and delivers the Four Stages of Talent Management framework with the added integration of our data base system, providing analytics for operational insight into management issues.














1. Data collection phrase

SENSE utilizes a comprehensive management-oriented data base.  We collect both general and specific data, in addition to the available statistics of the company as well as the daily work flow of its staff. Furthermore, we also generate important information from our training programs evaluation and in-person interviews. The purpose is to setup a valuable statistical platform for the next step – analysis and diagnosis.  The data will be confidential: closely monitored and secured, used only on condition of anonymity.


2. Analysis and Diagnosis

After getting such data from the company, reports can be generated from the system.  It could be further analyzed, organized and compiled into tailor-made reports and, more importantly, the company can understand the condition of their team thoroughly. With such a dataset, the information can be sorted and matched with our baseline so as to get the real picture of the team’s strength and weakness in comparison with other firms in the industry.


3. Strategy Development and Succession Planning

Every organization has its uniqueness.  One size does not fit all. With evidence and data, the unique needs of the organization become clear.  We will work with you to plan and develop your organization.  By defining the most suitable training tools that will most effectively implement and sustain your business strategy, we bring out the best in your leaders and workforce.


4. Implementation – Training and Consulting

One-off training events are limited in their scope of influence.  With the implementation of a long term packages, the company can integrate the training to fit in with their current road maps and business strategy.  Sense provides yearly packages to suit any kinds of continuous training needs.  The packages are all flexible in terms of content, structure and objectives to suit strategic objectives.   Consultation for managers is also highly recommended for reviewing the advancement of team progress towards strategic goals.


5. Evaluation and Course Corrections

With phased assessment on a long term basis, a team’s performance can be monitored for compliance with business strategies and goals.  Fine tuning may be required at times to cope with environmental changes and simply for staying on course. 


We believe that well prepared, strategic design of talent management solutions with the engagement of all key business stakeholders will give an organization a clear road map in creating a culture in which talents are recognized, developed and retained.

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Any questions or thoughts?

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