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Virtual Team Building Workshop using fun games


Team Building

Team Building Event with Objectives achieved

More companies arranged “Work from Home”. 


SENSE Training House has designed innovative and fun program for team building, which can bring your remote team into the fold. Apart from the fun and engaging process, we focus on how to boost the teambuilding program to achieve the objectives below:


The elements of virtual team building
Online Virtual Team Building Zoom Workshop

When colleagues are all work from home, virtual team building activities can be useful to enhance cohesion and trust, and have fun together.  To conduct a successful virtual team building event, we work out a program plan that matches your different objectives. The strength of SENSE Virtual Team Building Program are:


Structured Program Design

We have a range of innovative and well-structured programs that ensure the process is smooth, motivated and engaging.

Outcome Driven

A good team building event should be outcome oriented.  We will work with you together for focusing on the core objectives so that the outcome you want will be achieved. 

Multi-platform Utilization

We utilize different online platform and technology, including videos, online apps, games, mobile device, and will bring an extra-ordinary experience to your colleagues.

Engaging and interactive

With customisable activities and challenges, the program process will engage all members of your remote team, encourage a spirit of collaboration and connectedness.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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