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Connecting People with Technology and fun

An outdoor guide using technology to provide live stream outdoor training

“LIVE Online Outdoor Program Series (LOOPS)” which
allows students to learn from outdoor and wide-life environment as well as have fun.

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During the period of quarantine owing to CoronaVirus, all students are isolated from school campus as well as outdoor environment. However, our SENSE team have come up with a genius solution ---“LIVE Online Outdoor Program Series (LOOPS)” which allows students to learn from outdoor and wide-life environment as well as have fun. In OOPs, we will make use of online platform, such as “ZOOM” or “Webex”. Students will work as a group, connected by online platform, to tackle a series of challenges in both on and offline. While every student stays at home, our facilitators will help connect the student with the outdoor environment by going out in person and interact with students in real time.

A desk with a black computer and a smartphone


Student can enjoy the program by staying at home. It is the best way during quarantine. No more postponement or cancellation will be needed.

Team Element

Team missions and sharing will be included


Facilitators will interact with the students, facilitate their playing process throughout the journey

Weather Proof

No more concern about the weather, students can sit back and enjoy the program even with their parents.


Programs are well organized which combined with both online and reality elements, also with school educational needs

Fun and Excited

Student will have the best online learning experience

Real Time

Students, teachers and trainers are playing together at the same real time, parents could join as well

Each group will be supported by one of our facilitator crews. There will be 3 members for each facilitator crew. LIVE Responsible Player will represent the student group to go outdoor, arrive all set check points and face the challenge in person. LIVE Supportive Player will follows the Responsible Player and take video for his/her actions. Online Facilitator will always communicate with the students, facilitate their learning, decision making, problem solving, and manage their responses.

2 weeks before execution:
Provide instruction for teachers and students to get ready for the Program
Answer questions from teachers, parents and students regarding the Program

Day 1 (4/5):
Testing of online platform with all students and teachers

Day 2 (5/5):
Execution of the LIVE Online Outdoor Program Series (LOOPS)

A black calendar with completed tasks

Founded in 2008, Senseit is a pioneer in training and consultant industry providing innovative and productivity and solutions in Asia. Senseit specializes in providing customized end-to-end technology Solutions for RFID Real-Time Location System, Real-Time Location Tracking as well as Identity and Security. Senseit currently has a global presence and operates at various countries in Asia Pacific including Seoul, Taiwan and Shanghai. Senseit is also a member of governmental organization supplier and provider of software and hardware solutions in Asia.

Hong Kong - Head Office

Room 3, 8/F, Kingsford Industrial Centre, No.13 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tei: +852 2463 3231 (Hong Kong)

Tel: +86 14715010102 (China)

Fax: +852 36145325

Developed a new Live Outdoor Program Series with 5 Challenges for corporations and Schools for Team Engagement.

31 Mar 2020

Launched the largest interactive Design Thinking Workshop using Online Platform with over 200 participants

26 Mar 2020

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