SENSE is a company that develops human capital.  Based in HK, it is poised to serve needs in Greater China and Asia Pacific.  Through our customized training programs to individuals, schools, organizations and companies, we have been igniting positive change where we can.  Valuing the importance of people, we focus on the potential of individual processes as well as the real-world results.  


We believe in looking for solutions where business results win, at the same time that employees win.  Such holistic success is driven from the individual strengths and positive work culture, leading to sustainable results that last.  As such, our training services focus on immersive activities that are intellectually stimulating yet emotionally engaging. 

Commerical Corporations

Non-Profit Making Organizations

Education Bodies

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15-20 Dec 2018

BRICKS Learning Week 2018

22 Aug 2018

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®及遊戲治療計劃 (長期學校支援服務)

6 July 2018

世界盃⚽ 與 團隊管理🏆🏆


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